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Call Stacking – Shared Information

Montgomery County Sheriff Sgt. Lewis of RDC shares this information on call stacking:

This is where I am at on stacking.  Using WT as our Guinee Pig, they request to have all ALPHA and OMEGA (minus EMD 9 Omega) stacked.  They also requested the following Fire Call Types stacked:

  • INVEST – wires, smoke, misc, illegal
  • FIRE – tree and small grass
  • Elevator – no Illness
  • FALARM – residence
  • Water – structure or street
  • CO – no Illness
  • Lift – no injury

For time’s sake and also easier flexibility I created a new monitor view for our dispatchers. Doing so allows them to simply change their monitor view, allowing all the calls I marked for stacking to appear in a “Fire Pending (STACKED CALLS)” window.  Doing it this way allows the call type to route to appropriate pending window and also means you and I do not need to change responses or use a command to place an agency in storm mode. 

Having everyone stack the same call types is how I have it set at the moment (the calls mentioned above).  That being said, I understand an agency may have additional BRAVO or maybe even a few CHARLIE calls they want assigned to STACK.  Because of this possibility I am building another view that will have separate stacking windows for each agency. 

I have attached a screen shot of what the dispatchers would be monitoring.  The top window is stacked and the bottom window is pending calls that are not stacked.  I will work this weekend to build out the second option for individual agencies.  Early next week, I will have a video put together, and sent to each RDC fire client, demonstrating both options.

God willing we will not have to use this, but if we do, we will assign a 4th fire dispatcher to monitor stacked calls ONLY.  They will assign each stacked/pending call as requested by a unit on RDC FIRE 1.