MMWR Flu Situation Reports

Flu Report – MMWR Week 13

Flu activity remains widespread across Ohio but is decreasing throughout Ohio and much of the U.S. Please see the attached flu report for MMWR week 13. Influenza activity is decreasing in Montgomery County and across WCO. 

Note that emergency department indicators and thermometer sales data after week 9 are likely skewed due to COVID-19. The number of hospitalizations reported for Ohio during week 13 was 228 – a 58% decrease from last week. 

Nationally, flu activity remains high, but laboratory-confirmed flu activity decreased; ILI activity is still elevated likely due to COVID-19. The CDC estimates 39-55 million illnesses, 400,000-730,000 flu hospitalizations, 24,000-63,000 total flu deaths, and confirms 162 pediatric deaths so far this flu season.