Database Guide

Managing Responders
Adding or removing an existing responder to your agency roster:

  1. Click on “Standing Orders”, then “Manage Responders”
  2. Type the last name of the responder in the “Last Name” box, and click “Execute Search.”
  3. Look to see if the responder is listed. If so, click on the “Click Here” link to the right of their name. If not, follow the steps below for adding a new responder.
  4. Scroll down the page to the Roles and Certifications section. You will see a role listed for every agency for which the provider runs.
  5. Click on “Edit Person.”
  6. Use the “Agency” box to select your agency, and the “Role” box to select the role that the provider will have on your agency. Click “Add Role.” The screen will
    update, and you should now see a role listed with your agency.
  7. From this screen, you can also click the box next to the role that the provider has on your department, and click “Delete Selected Roles” to remove them from
    your roster.
Adding a new responder (not in the database) to your agency roster:
  1. Click on “Standing Orders”, then “Manage Responders”
  2. Type the last name of the responder in the “Last Name” box, and click “Execute Search.” (in order to avoid duplicates, we now look to see if the responder
    already exists in the database before allowing an addition).
  3. Look to see if the responder is listed. If not, enter their first name, last name and state certification number to the boxes and click “Execute Search.”
  4. You should now have access to the “Add New Responder” button. Click it.
  5. On the next screen fill in additional information as available for the new provider. When finished, click “Update Person.”
  6. You may then use the “Edit Person” button to add roles and certifications for the provider.  By default, each newly added responder  automatically has a
    “Responder” role on the agency, but you must add their EMS certification in order for them to show up in Standing Orders testing lists and reports
Entering Test Results (Skills or Written)
There are now two ways to enter Standing Order Testing results; either as a single entry, or through the multiple test entry screen.
For both methods, you should first sort your tests by certification level, and then by pass or fail.
To enter single tests:
  1. Click “Standing Orders” then “Standing Orders Testing.”
  2. Drop down all box choices for the correct fields for the test you are entering. (Note that when you open your agency in the Agency box, all of the    responders for
    that agency will load into the Responder box). Click “Add New Test.”
  3. A screen will open where a score can be entered for a written test. If info is correct, click “Update Test.”
  4. The screen will refresh showing the test info, and you may now add the next test by clicking “Add Next in Batch.”
  5. You may add all of the test scores for that agency for the same certification level.  When complete, move to the next certification level and start again at the
    Standing Orders Testing menu.
Using the Multiple Test Entry Screen
  1. You should have your tests sorted by certification level and by pass & fail.
  2. Click “Standing Orders” then “Standing Orders Testing.”
  3. Drop down all box choices for the correct fields for the test you are entering. EXCEPT the “Responder” box ( leave as “Select a Responder”). Click “Execute
  4. You should now see a button on the right side of the screen labeled “Edit Scores.” Click it to enter the multiple test entry screen.
  5. On this screen, you will be able to use the tab button or mouse to click on blanks and add test scores for your entire agency at once. Make sure you are adding
    the test date, and score (leave “0” for Skills tests) and click the “Update” box for each test you wish to enter.
  6. When you are finished, click the “Update Scores” button above the scores boxes and all of the test scores will be added!
Using Reports
Several reports have been added or updated to allow you to quickly see test score and testing compliance.
    Incomplete Written/Skills Testing
    You may choose the report type; either written, skills or all testing. You may then select the agency and the years of testing. Click “Search” for a list of those who
    have not completed testing. Use your browser Print command to print the list.
    Providers with Expired EMS Certifications
    Use the drop down to select the agency. You may print the list.
    Reports: Test Scores
    You may print a report of scores from your agency’s providers. For this report, you must select year, agency name, and type of test. All other fields can be left as
    the “Select a *****.”    Execute search to see results. Note that an average score will be calculated for the listed results. This is good if you want to see how your
    agency has fared over several test cycles. To see accurate written test averages, make sure you have included only written scores in the search. Please note
    that you can select “ALL” as the year, and an individual responder from your agency to see their scores.
    Reminder: We did not begin adding written test scores until 2005, so using years prior to 2005 will use a default score of “0” giving a false average result.
Printing Certificates
You may print certificates for your agency either individually, or for the entire agency. The database allows several options:

To print an individual providers certificate:
  1. Use the "Standing Orders / Manage Responders" menu to print a certificate.
  2. Enter the last name of the responder you wish to print, and execute a search.
  3. Choose the responder from the list, and "Click Here" at the end of their info line. The provider info screen will open.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Responder Tests" link. All of that provider's tests will load on one screen. Select the written test result for the
    year you wish to print and "Click Here" to open.
  5. The test info screen will load, and you can use the "View Certificate" button to view and print the certificate. Use the browser "back" button to reload the all tests
    screen and select a different year. Follow the steps above for each year you need to print. This is really useful if you need to be able to print all of a responder's
    certificates (for example, if they are audited).

You can also print individual certificates Under the Standing Orders / Standing Orders Testing. Select the year your wish to print.

  1. Select your agency, certification level, and responder name. The Test Type should be written (1,2,or 3) and the Result Type should be Pass. You can leave the
    Training Officer, Data Entry Officer, and Proctor fields as the "Select a *****."  
  2. Click "Execute Search." You should see the provider's written test for the year in the list.
  3. Click "Execute Search" a second time to load the printing screen. You should now see a "Print Certificates" button.
  4. Clicking this button will open a separate window containing the certificate. You may then print it  by clicking "Print Certificates."
  5. Note: To properly format the certificate, select the landscape view in your printing dialog when it opens.
To print all certificates for the entire agency:
  1. You may print all of certificates for your agency for a specific year at once. Use the Standing Orders / Standing Orders Testing menu.
  2. Select the year and your agency from the drop-downs. Select the certification level (you will need to print a batch for each certification level).
  3. Leave the Responder, Training Officer, Proctor, and Data Entry Officer fields as "Select a *****."
  4. Test Type should be Written 1. Result should be Pass. Click Execute Search.
  5. All of the tests for that year for your agency will load. Click "Execute Search" again to load the print button. You should now have a "Print Certificates" button to
    access the printing window. Remember to select landscape printing in the printer setup dialog.