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Battelle N95 Mask Decontamination

Battelle has expanded its partnership with Ohio to extend their sanitization services to law enforcement agencies and EMS providers in Ohio. This is at no cost to public safety agencies, and is retroactive if your agency previously signed an agreement with Battelle.

Area agencies can drop off their masks at OSHP posts throughout the state, who will then transport them to Battelle for sanitization weekly and back to the post for area agencies to pick them back up.

Agencies should perform the following:

  1. Site Code: Please begin marking DYE-S5-(agency initials –such as DFD) on the bottom outside of the mask in black marker.
  2. Establish a collection point in the apparatus bay: follow collection procedures outlined from OSP
  3. Mask Counts: Please keep a clipboard with paper next to the collection can in each fire station. Every time you put a mask in the can, mark it down on the paper. You will need to provide the number of masks that you are sending in for decontamination.
  4. Drop-off and Transportation: OSP will transport the boxes of masks every Tuesday at 0700 hours to be decontaminated

Local agencies will be dropping masks off at the OSHP Dayton Post following these instructions:

  1. Follow the procedure above, also available as a PDF below to collect and mark your agencies’ N95 masks.
  2. Secure and mark the box(es) appropriately as indicated. Labels are available as a PDF below and copies are available at the drop location.
  3. Drop off properly packaged and labeled boxes at the Dayton Post (400 Smith Drive, Englewood, Ohio, 45315). There is a trailer in the rear parking lot with orange cones around it.  The side door has a sign on it relating to N95 masks and is unlocked.  Place your box ( with the two required labels taped on the outside of the box) inside the trailer.  Boxes that are ready to go every Tuesday morning at 0700 will be transported for decontamination, and we will notify you once they return. 

If you have any questions please call:

Lieutenant Geoffrey S. Freeman, Dayton Post Commander
400 Smith Drive, Englewood, Ohio, 45315 
Phone – (937) 832 – 4794