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Guide to Optional Community EMS Programs
The Greater Miami Valley EMS Council (GMVEMSC) has created and published a series of Optional Community EMS Programs. These programs are sometimes called “Community Paramedicine” or “Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIHC)”. This is another benefit offered by the GMVEMSC to its member agencies. Many of these programs have been previously utilized and shared by GMVEMSC member agencies, while others have been drafted based upon specific needs identified and addressed within GMVEMSC committees. Some programs require paramedic certification; others can be used by providers of various levels.

Download the Guide to Optional Community EMS Programs here

Prehospital Care Plan
One of the many challenges facing EMS agencies is frequent users of 911 services within our response districts. Some of these requests may be an inappropriate use of EMS. These frequent requests for EMS services place a strain on agency resources and may place the community at risk. One potential solution to this challenge is through the use of a Prehospital Care Plan (PHCP).

Download the Prehospital Care Plan (PHCP) draft policy here

Opiod Response Resources
One of the many challenges facing EMS agencies is the increasing number of calls being made because of opiate overdoses. One potential aid in combating these increasing calls is to consider the following standing order templates provided as a courtesy to interested agencies.

Optional Standing Order - Distributing Resource Information on Opioid Calls

Optional Standing Order - Post Overdose Response Outreach Community EMS Program

Optional Standing Order - Personally Furnishing Naloxone by Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Personnel