Regional Protocol

The Greater Miami Valley EMS Council publishes an annual protocol or "standing orders" that can be adopted by member agencies and implemented by the agency medical director.

2023 Protocol Materials
2023 GMVEMSC Standing Orders (updated 8/24/23)
2023 GMVEMSC Standing Orders Training Manual
2023 GMVEMSC Standing Orders Implementation Guide (Important NEW material for department chiefs to respond to)
2023 GMVEMSC Quick Sheet (updated 8/24/23)
2023 GMVEMSC Pediatric Dosing Guide

2023 GMVEMSC protocol test links (open Mar 15)

2023 GMVEMSC protocol testing evaluation

2023 GMVEMSC protocol update video

2022 Protocol Materials
2022 GMVEMSC Standing Orders - revised 5/9/22
Please download the latest version - ALL OTHER VERSIONS SHOULD BE DELETED!!

May 9, 2022 edits and revisions to protocol:

Addressed numerous grammatical errors. Updated the needle decompression location in Asthma patients to match the changes made in trauma and advanced airway management sections.

April 12, 2022 edits and revisions to protocol:

8015 - corrected error in pediatric dosing

March 10, 2022 edits and revisions to protocol:

3002 - Needle Decompression site edited to match training manual
7003 - Internal drug bag tracking by agencies
7005 - Entire reworked this section please review

Feb 8, 2022 edits and revisions to protocol:

1. 1003.1.a – Removed EMR from list of providers who may declare that a patient qualifies for “non-initiation of care”
2. 7012.6 – Edited hospital list for proper names and addresses (added KHN Springfield)
3. 7013 – Added Kettering Health Springfield capabilities
4. 7014 - Added Kettering Health Springfield phone numbers
5. Appendix A – Added note referencing the change to 103.1.a

2022 GMVEMSC Training Manual

2022 GMVEMSC Implementation Guide

2022 GMVEMSC Quick Sheet

2022 GMVEMSC Protocol Test Link - Paramedic
2022 GMVEMSC Protocol Test Link - Advanced
2022 GMVEMSC Protocol Test Link - EMT
2022 GMVEMSC Protocol Test Link - EMR
2022 GMVEMSC Protocol Test Evaluation

2022 Protocol Update

Supplementary Protocol Materials
GMVEMSC JITSO - Flu Version 1.7
GMVEMSC JITSO - Janssen Vaccinator Checklist, vers. 2.1
GMVEMSC JITSO - Moderna Vaccinator Checklist, vers. 2.1
GMVEMSC JITSO - Pfizer Vaccinator Checklist, vers. 2.2
GMVEMSC JITSO - Sotrovimab Monoclonal Antibody Version 1.2
GMVEMSC JITSO - Non Initiation of Care
GMVEMSC JITSO - Ketamine Dosing
GMVEMSC JITSO - Patient Capacity, Consent, Psychiatric and Combative Patients
Hospital Capabilities Chart (8/6/20 update)

Click Here for Prior Year Protocol Training Materials

Standing Orders Database
Standing Orders Database (login required)
Standing Orders Database Guide
Standing Orders Database Tutorial PPT Download

Functional Needs Shelter Triage Protocol
Dayton MMRS, in collaboration with the American Red Cross, Public Health - Dayton and Montgomery County, Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management, the Region 2 Regional Physicians Advisory Board (RPAB), and other agencies, has developed this protocol. It is used to help determine whether individuals with functional needs can be safely sheltered in a Red Cross Shelter during a disaster.

This Shelter Triage Protocol is a pre-approved Just-In-Time Standing Order (JITSO), authorized by the RPAB for use by an agency assisting the Red Cross with shelter Triage. It will not become part of protocol books or protocol testing. It is intended to be printed and given to paramedics, nurses, and other healthcare personnel at the time of a shelter operation.

Download the full Functional Needs Shelter Protocol here

CLIA Waiver Information

EMS agencies must be covered by a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) Certificate of Waiver to perform blood glucose testing. Failure to meet this requirement could result in the forfeiture of EMS billing reimbursements and other penalties assessed by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). The Greater Miami Valley EMS Council has obtained and will maintain a CLIA Certificate of Waiver for glucose testing, as a no cost benefit, which provides EMS member agencies with a group coverage opportunity. EMS member agencies may also opt to carry their own CLIA Certificate of Waiver, in lieu of participating in the GMVEMSC’s coverage.

CLIA Waiver Participation Requirements 2018-2020
CLIA Waiver Participation Form 2018-2020
FDA CLIA Waiver Database