Narcan for Law Enforcement Officers

The State of Ohio has passed a law authorizing law enforcement personnel to use Narcan™ (Naloxone) for suspected opioid overdose. The Greater Miami Valley Emergency Medical Services Council (GMVEMSC) agreed to help by providing an SOP template that can be modified by each agency, and a training program.

Since all EMS agencies in the region use GMVEMSC protocols, having a consistent SOP for law enforcement helps provide regional conformity. The SOP discusses the components that should be in place for implementation of Narcan, including supplies, a policy, and training. The purchasing, exchange, storage, and distribution will be determined by each department. However, Montgomery County agencies should be aware that the Montgomery County ADAMHS Board is exploring the possibility of grant funding for Narcan for LEO.

The following video (2:55) explains more about the approach to opiate overdose:

In order to implement a Narcan program, Law Enforcement agencies should have the following equipment:

  • Narcan prefilled syringes
  • MAD (mucosal atomizer device)
  • PPE (personal protective equipment e.g. nitrile gloves, paper masks)
  • Portable storage container for kit (preferably one that can be tracked easily)

What you will have to consider and develop:

  • Personnel to be approved
  • An initial purchase of materials
  • A reliable and accurate tracking system
  • A reliable exchange program or system

The files referenced above are available for download and use as necessary:

Download the sample Sandard Operating Procedure here: Narcan for LEO SOP

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: Narcan for LEO PowerPoint

Download a PDF handout of the PowerPoint presentation here: Narcan for LEO Handout

Link to the video presentation here: Narcan for LEO Video

Last updated April 16, 2018.